Spring Break 2019

This ‘Spring Break’ was started with the intention of developing a process of image creation and story telling before I actually started writing the story that I wanted to tell. It has been that…and I hope it continues to be a place for me to learn and hopefully improve upon this process.

From the beginning, I thought it might also be a place to create some background for the ‘real’ story so I do have a path in mind that as of today (June 5th, 2019), remains the course that I am sailing on.  However, with the latest post, ‘Awakened’, in which I felt the desire to add another character to the story that I hadn’t even considered before, I realized this ‘prologue’ may prove to be more than I had originally planned.

With that in mind, this ‘vacation’ may yet take turns that I hadn’t planned on.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

– Aedan


Packing for a vacation

Time Flies

Spring Vacation 2019 Previous Next Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on tumblr Tumblr Share on email Email The last couple of weeks have been somewhat busy behind the scenes. I have been doing some building for an as of yet unannounced (but much hinted at) project along with other preparations for

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Loading the car for a trip

No Surprise Here

Of course vacation plans in SL are subject to complications just as in RL You think you have everything packed and just as you’re about to get into the car you panic that you forgot something.

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Waiting for the next clerk

Days Like This

I made it to the airport 15 minutes late! I guess I shouldn’t have bothered changing clothes because the next flight is two days away. I’ll make the best of it but there’s something about this place that I just can’t put my finger on..

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In The Fog

Aedan opened his eyes yet again, having never really gotten to sleep. This time however, he could see from the gray outside the windows of the airport that the night had passed. It wasn’t exactly sunny outside but it was daylight. The fog was much thicker

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A fog that lasts for a week with no retreat, that seeps under door and down stairways should disrupt the mood of anybody. Yet, today Aedan felt a bit of sadness as the sun pulled back the curtains and fully immersed everyone and everything for the first time since he arrived in this town over a week ago.

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“You don’t want to miss your plane, Mr. Charron.” The clerk repeated as Aedan stared at her, not sure if she were ‘real’ or if he was dreaming.

“It leaves in one hour, there’s no time to waste!” she went on as Aedan slowly accepted that he should take her advice.

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Aedan didn’t know what was happening but he knew he wasn’t going to miss his flight after waiting for so long. He stared at his reflection in the glass while waiting for boarding to begin for his section. As hard as he stared, the reflection didn’t change and nobody around him acted as if anything were wrong.

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Aedan stood in near silence at the door, only the distant rumbling of waves breaking on the shore and squeals of gulls broke the silence yet didn’t break the calm. He knocked at the door again but with a bit more effort this time.

“Ya voy, ya voy!” came a feminine voice from behind the door even as the door cracked open to the extent that the attached chain would permit it. Brown eyes at chest height to him peered out the door at Aedan.

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El Sombrero

The sounds of voices and cars on the street woke Aedan. He was disoriented when he opened his eyes. Nothing seemed familiar. It was hot. Slowly he remembered where he was. It was still hot.

Other than being on the edge of sweating, he was quite comfortable on the bed he had laid down on for 30 minutes…three hours ago. His unexpected morning nap had been filled with dreams about the day before. He relived his meditation, of seeing his new, old face for the first time, of his conversations with Louise which him wondering if her mother was who he thought she was…if it was possible.

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The Diner

Aedan stepped out of the store and into the bright sunshine. Of course he had been there less than a day so the newness of it all still embraced him. There seemed to be nothing exceptional about the hat he had just purchased though. It was the typical ‘Cuban fedora’ that he had seen on so many while walking the streets. The brim was rolled down in the front to better block the sun. He wondered to himself if it would block rain as well.

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Aedan walking the beaches of Havana

On The Beach

“Senor, senor!”  Aedan hadn’t even heard the voice until he felt someone tugging on his hand. Bringing himself back to the present, he looked down to see a young boy walking beside him.  The boy was holding in his other hand a photograph. Around his neck was an old polaroid instamatic camera. 

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Of course, Aedan couldn’t know for certain that the note given to him came from his contact. He didn’t know the man. He didn’t know why he insisted on meeting Aedan. He did know that the circumstances around the hat, though unlikely, seemed to go as planned and that he had worn it nearly every moment he had been outside. To get the answers he was seeking, he would be there though with an abundance of caution.

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Big things in little packages

Show Time

Aedan looked at the note passed to him along with the photo on the beach then looked back up to verify the address. He knew he was on the correct street. Now he stood in front of a movie theater. There was nothing on either side that looked like a better place to meet someone so he accepted this was the correct place but now what?

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Havana Sunset

After a late night out, Aedan receives an unexpected but hoped for phone call that sets the schedule for the rest of the day. Is it all he could hope for?

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Sail Away

The sun hadn’t been up long when Aedan first opened his eyes. He laid flat on his back and thought about the coming day. He hadn’t been sailing for a while so there was a bit of excitement along with good memories that found their way to the surface. The couple he met two evenings ago, the Carlsons seemed competent and friendly. Since he was always keeping his eye out for his next boat he was anxious to see theirs. He was familiar with the model but had never been aboard one.

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Aedan enjoys the last sunset before he leaves Cuba.

All Things Must End

The ride to the airport seemed to take forever. Thankfully, the driver wasn’t particularly talkative which was fine by Aedan because his mind was busy considering why Noel might have left without saying a word when she seemed full of excitement about going out sailing with him and the Carlson’s the evening before. Never letting his guard down, he had been holding some internal reservations about their chance meetings among all the extraordinary events since leaving Seattle for this trip. However, those concerns were washed away in the many hours they had spent together yesterday.

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