Fantasy Faire 2019


Aedan stood in near silence at the door, only the distant rumbling of waves breaking on the shore and squeals of gulls broke the silence yet didn’t break the calm. He knocked at the door again but with a bit more effort this time.

“Ya voy, ya voy!” came a feminine voice from behind the door even as the door cracked open to the extent that the attached chain would permit it. Brown eyes at chest height to him peered out the door at Aedan.

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Aedan didn’t know what was happening but he knew he wasn’t going to miss his flight after waiting for so long. He stared at his reflection in the glass while waiting for boarding to begin for his section. As hard as he stared, the reflection didn’t change and nobody around him acted as if anything were wrong.

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Virtual Awakening

Before moving to the next leg of Aedan’s ‘vacation’, as I sat this morning sipping coffee and contemplating what happens next, I thought I’d take a few moments to comment on the last episode, ‘Awakening’. I have observed a recent change in my relationship with my avatar Aedan and Secondlife in general. Perhaps it is

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“You don’t want to miss your plane, Mr. Charron.” The clerk repeated as Aedan stared at her, not sure if she were ‘real’ or if he was dreaming.

“It leaves in one hour, there’s no time to waste!” she went on as Aedan slowly accepted that he should take her advice.

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The Struggle is Real

What to do? This is somewhat of an update to my progress toward my goal here. What I’m finding that there is always something to learn, that can sometimes be difficult and the struggle is real. On the other hand, there is some feeling of accomplishment when something new is learned. In the last few

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A fog that lasts for a week with no retreat, that seeps under door and down stairways should disrupt the mood of anybody. Yet, today Aedan felt a bit of sadness as the sun pulled back the curtains and fully immersed everyone and everything for the first time since he arrived in this town over a week ago.

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