Fantasy Faire 2019

In The Fog

A moment of reflection Continued from Days Like This Video – Amadeus – Song Of Sorrow Behind the Scenes Aedan opened his eyes yet again, having never really gotten to sleep. This time however, he could see from the gray outside the windows of the airport that the night had passed. It wasn’t exactly sunny

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Waiting for the next clerk

Days Like This

I made it to the airport 15 minutes late! I guess I shouldn’t have bothered changing clothes because the next flight is two days away. I’ll make the best of it but there’s something about this place that I just can’t put my finger on..

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Loading the car for a trip

No Surprise Here

Trying to leave again Of course vacation plans in SL are subject to complications just as in RL  You think you have everything packed and just as you’re about to get into the car you panic that you forgot something. Is it in the suitcase or..or is it lost? Similarly, I had spent hours setting

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Packing for a vacation

Time Flies

Spring Vacation 2019 The last couple of weeks have been somewhat busy behind the scenes. I have been doing some building for an as of yet unannounced (but much hinted at) project along with other preparations for the same project which should be coming to live very soon.  Maybe even sooner. In recognition of this

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Drunk in the streets of Rottendam

Back To Work

Not what I came to get After struggling with the new foreground select tool to clean this image up to my liking, I finally gave up and just used the lasso tool to take the pieces I needed to make adjustments too. I’m mostly happy but will spend more time tweaking the LUMIPro next time. 

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