Red Sky

Red Sky
Red Sky in the morning

This image began as a post to the SL forum “How does your avatar look today”.  I’m still fumbling through the Black Dragon viewer, having been bit twice.  Still, the poser is a dream.

The mood this weekend was all about ‘Social Distancing’ and the Coronoa Virus so when I arrived at this island and found myself heading for a quiet corner to take a shot, it seemed to fit the theme. Windlight was used to pull the sun down to the horizon and add a little red/pink. Honestly, it seemed more red at the time than it appears now…thus the name of the image 🙂

I am not too surprised to find there is more than one version of this rhyme that I heard so long ago.

The version I heard and was thinking of was this:

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.[1]
Red sky at morning, sailors’ warning.

Again, the appropriateness in my mind was due to the now blossoming pandemic that the entire planet is grappling with.

After the photo was taken and uploaded to the SL forum, it occurred to me that some small adjustments and a lens flare might qualify it for my flickr page and so it is.

The tune I chose to go with it is likely more appropriate for a ‘red sky at night’  than for morning though I must say that watching the sunrise, no matter the sky color is a mesmerizing experience for me.



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