Heart to Heart


This image was intended to be the introduction of Louise, one of the characters from the story I am working on in the background. She is wearing a Genesis Head in this image which, in full light, doesn’t look bad but I simply could not get it to look like the image of Louise in my head. The bone structure – especially in the nose – was just not working for me.

However, I hadn’t yet come to that conclusion when I took this shot. The heartfelt moment between the horse and Louise was sincere and since we can’t really see her face, we’ll leave it at that for now.

This image was created in the Black Dragon viewer but I still haven’t managed to grasp full control of the ability to blur the background in Black Dragon so it was done as a composite – derendering the closest horse and pulling Louise out of view to photograph the background.  Tone and color adjustments, as well as highlights were completed in photoshop.

Image born in SecondLife at Dya’s Abandoned Vacation spot

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