Time Flies

Packing for a vacation
Spring Vacation 2019

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat busy behind the scenes. I have been doing some building for an as of yet unannounced (but much hinted at) project along with other preparations for the same project which should be coming to live very soon.  Maybe even sooner. In recognition of this effort I simply want to say ‘you girls have all the fun!’ …but then you already knew that.

Because things are starting to come together in one corner while in another I have a smaller project chomping at the bit to be started, I’ve decided to take a short vacation….a spring break if you will.  Vacation or not, I am not disappearing though, I’m just taking an unplanned turn to clear my mind, get some more practice taking photos and make some final preparations before getting back to work – and you’re invited tom come along.

Before I leave, I’d just like to comment that finding a functioning suitcase for a guy is not easy.  I finally gave up and had to change the color of the only one I could find that wasn’t abused or 50 years old 😉

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