Welcome 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Each passing year amazes me. The accomplishments, the failures and the surprises. Even more shocking is how quickly they pass. It seems that only months ago we were saying Happy New Year to 2021 and now here we are once again.

Honestly, I did not accomplish all I had hoped to last year. The low number of posts here bares witness to that fact.  Sure, there were everyday obligations not related to my creative aspirations that interfered but I would be fooling myself to believe that my biggest obstacle wasn’t my own tendency to get excited about so many new things. I am not so naive to try convince myself or anyone else for that matter, that my wide array of interests will disappear for 2022.  I will say that I believe I have at least identified my interests and the tools needed to further explore them..barring any more surprises.

This last year did see a blossoming collaboration between Noel and myself. Please consider visiting her site “Returning to Oneself“. Though she will deny it, I believe she is more focused than I am even as she grasps all of the possibilities that are available to us. I truly believe that this partnership will bring renewed focus on my part.  Making commitments does have a way of bringing focus. Additionally, working so close with someone as talented, observant and enthusiastic as she is a great motivator.

I am more excited about the coming year than I have been for several years now and look forward to sharing that.


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