Lazy Day

“Please be careful today, honey. I worry about you when go out.  Why can’t you just stay here with me?  There is so much we could see and do together… “

The words of her mother were still in her head as Venus swam lazily just beneath the surface of her world. The warm light of the sun poured over her back and sent tingles to the tip of her tail as it fully embraced her.

Yes, mom had warned her about the dangers of the other side, especially the humans that fascinated her so much but what did she know? The draw to the surface was so powerful. Venus saw the many creations of humans and many even up close. She could only imagine what else they might create but she longed to know and even fantasized about it.

She often found herself dreaming of being some place else..another world, another life.  This one was so mundane, so boring…



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