BTS – Awakened

This image was a compilation of the three images below.

For the record, I’m finding it difficult to stick to my pledge to do this series of images in B/W. I am certain that the daylight photos will be much easier but these requiring night time are challenging to determine the correct level so that they aren’t washed out or just too dark on other’s monitors.  I believe the uploads to youtube – using the same final image – have all been too dark also.  I may have to form a committee and do a study to determine the correct exposure..or just avoid night time b/w photos 🙂

Interior photo taken with a huge white pixel blocking the exterior view

The windows of the airport terminal were a bit tedious for me so I derezzed them then put up a huge white prim (set to bright) with the CAIWL windlight selected for this image of the more mature Aedan waiting patiently.

Next, younger Aedan took the seat and the camera was carried to the window. This image was horizontally flipped, skewed a bit  and..unfortunately I had to hide most of it to keep the reflection from being too busy…including the cat 🙁  (yes, that was the only pose in the seat… )

Windlight was set to Cafe Lighting and the sun adjusted to get some darkness – which proved to be too dark so the exposure was later reduced.

The compiled image – before removing some of the reflection and increasing the exposure of the outside image….and removing the color.

Just testing below...

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