First Step

First Step
It Starts Here

I’ve seen many beautiful images created at the Kindred Spirits sim recently so, having a day off, I decided to send Noel to investigate.  She came back with many images and I expect several will be making appearances in the coming week or so but this was the one that captivated her the most.

Very little post processing was done at all. In fact, what little I did isn’t even visible other than the lens flare (some highlights) so they’re not even worth pointing out.  This image is primarily a creation of the person that created the vanishing man, the sim owner and the coders that enabled Windlight.

I’ve even struggled to name this one or choose a soundtrack to go with it but the day is slipping away so I’m sharing this now with the reservation that I may make some changes if something comes to mind.

Currently, I offer two selections to listen to…



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