Exploring With Jolene

Noel with her new skin
Noel basks in the sun wearing her new skin.

When I chose a mesh head for Christi, I looked at many and finally settled on LAQ because I knew that Christi would play many characters so there would be many heads in her future. With all of the heads available from LAQ, it was somewhat ironic that I chose “Noel”. Ironic because I knew that “Noel” would be the same name I would use for her first character.  It seemed fitting.

As time passed though, I began to wonder if I was just a little biased in my choice because of the name. Noel’s face was a bit younger than I really wanted it to be for this character.  Many more demos later, I settled on the skin/face named Jolene. It is still a (IMHO) beautiful face but slightly more mature.  I was so happy with it that I took several photos in search of one to use for a profile pic.

This was just after I had created a flickr page for Christi to post to that were not involved with the story I was writing.  Additionally, I placed one restriction on her – the images posted to her page would receive minimal editing unlike those on Aedan’s page.  Level/curve adjustments and repositioning for composition were all that I permitted.  Everything else had to be done in the viewer.  I think she did quite well 😉

Noel at the Farmers Market
Noel at the Farmers Market in Havana

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