Good Help These Days

Rottendam Docks
No good help these days

Putting these websites together ( and has taken a lot of my time lately.  I’m so happy to have them functional enough that I can start adding content….and can get back to my ‘big’ project.

For that project I need to build a set for some photos and so I went searching for some carpenter’s tools.  that’s how I ended up in Rottendam..and boy is it rotten.  OK, maybe I should judge what appears to be a magnificent and detailed build by the residents on the street.

This would be the first time I had the opportunity to use the LUMIPro outside of my own lot so I jumped at the chance to take a photo. When I got home and looked to see what I had recorded, I was quite amused to see that the light orbs have become nearly invisible to me already – I didn’t actually intend to take this photo with them visible.  Still, I thought this was a good opportunity to intorduce it here since I’ll be using it quite often in the future.

Though this might have been a good photo without the balls, it’s not the angle I finally decided upon.  I’ll share that one once I’m happy with it – I’m sure I could have tweaked the LUMIPro a bit better because there is too much light in that photo so I’ll do a bit of post processing to try and get it where I want it before sharing on Flickr.

Rottendam - Too Bright
The starting point ..

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