Get Your Motor Running

Get Your Motor Running
Get Your Motor Running


I have identified a long term project that will come to light in the not too distant future though I don’t want to curse myself by letting too much out of the bag.  It was as part of this effort that I found myself at 2 Raw Tracks and Roads because one of the items I was shopping for claimed to have a store on that sim.

I never found the store but as I cammed around the sim and noticed that the tracks went round and round up into the clouds I noticed that at some level up there were building walls that appeared to match another item on my list for this ‘secret’ project. Those walls were way, way up there and flying up the center of this circular track wasn’t an option because there were structures in the way. I considered flying up the outside of this massive structure – even before checking to see if it extended to the edge of the sim but at about the same time, saw these ‘free’ scooters available.  Why fly when you can ride and maybe even see more that you hadn’t noticed while camming?

After a rough start (I did say I’m not much into vehicles, didn’t I? ) I finally figured out how to gain speed while moving forward. I never quite figured out how to brake so I was initially cautious because I quickly found that I wasn’t much good at getting myself out of collisions in the corners either.

It turned out be loads of fun though when I finally made it to the walls in question, they turned out to be a regular prim with a texture applied and not mesh. This left me clueless about where I could find that same texture but still it was a nice visit.

The image is a composite of two images – actually the same image but duplicated so that I could cut myself and scooter out of one copy add some blur to the second copy and then paste myself into that and finally add a bit of ‘wind streaking’.  All done in Gimp.

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