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I am reluctant to admit that I am still catching up with posting to the site. This fall has continued to be very busy at work and the moments I’ve managed steal away to create images have been fleeting, left me negligent in other things and without a sense of urgency to catch up here.  Now with the holidays upon us, things have slowed a bit so I’m trying to catch up this weekend.

It should go without saying by now that I am still learning my way around Photoshop and as I looked back to pull this .psd from my archive and look closely at it, I’m happy to be reminded of what I learned with this one.

There are many fixes in this image that was taken at the Isle of Miracles. Most of the fixes are in the ground cover because I found that some of the plants were floating above the surface. This isn’t noticeable until one is on his knees taking pictures of a sheep eating them. I had to selectively delete many of them for both of us to be visible.  Of course, that meant ‘fixing’ bits of the sheep and I hide to remove the straggling leaves in our hides in addition to adding shadows.

I was more creative with Field Blur for this image after having only learned about it in time to use it for the first time in the previous image. 

At the time this was taken, I was still struggling to find a decent hairbrush to thicken my beard.  Unfortunately, I think that is quite obvious here.

In the end though, I am happy with this image short of doing a better job at composition. Next time!


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