Homeword Bound

Bring it on

Well, that was a long ‘spring break’!  I should also add that it was a very educational experience for me.  I learned a few things that work well or at least as expected and more instances that didn’t.  Though I am sure I will always stumble I’m determined to keep getting up and keep in mind that the goal here is the journey and not the destination.

Besides feeling more comfortable (though oh, so much to learn yet!) in Photoshop I have also come to the conclusion that publishing scenes or chapters of a story as soon as it and the image are ready is not something I am going to try to do going forward.  Working this way prompted me on several occasions to get something published because it had been a couple weeks since I had posted anything.  I feel this wasn’t guiding the story and reversing my priorities. Whether I wait until the story is done to publish images from it or not is yet to be determined.  In the interim, I’ll be working on images not directly related to the story.

Today’s image – actually from last week – is one of those – Aedan is headed home from his vacation but the prologue has been closed. This is incidental…as may be stops along the way while headed home.

Of course, other things learned over the summer is that I have so much to learn about writing.  Characters also need to be developed – which will certainly bring more pics.

Stay tuned!


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