Fantasy Faire 2019

Fantasy Faire 2019
Fantasy Faire 2019

I actually don’t remember if I had visited a Fantasy Fair prior to this year’s. I expect I had since the imagination that goes into anything ‘fantasy’ sparks my interest. However, strolling along looking for the perfect picture will, I have no doubt, find a way to leave a more lasting impression if only because one tends to take a few less things for granted.  I think that is certainly the case for this image.

My visit to SL’s Fantasy Fair of 2019 was early on a Sunday morning with relatively few people around. I noticed the signs about lag but fortunately for me, I didn’t feel any.

I began by visiting stores setup on the side of the path as I wandered along my way. There were many interesting items but I reminded myself that I was there for pictures now and had some time to return should I see something I just had to have.

At several points along the way were these ‘little’ animesh fairies.  I say little because they actually appear to be less than 9 inches tall but the detail is such that they look as ‘real’ as some avatars one sees. I made several attempts to get one with the background and light I wanted but failed each time until this one.

After a few moments of adjust various settings within windlight and the phototools of the Firestorm browser this image grabbed me. After ‘snapping’ the camera and downloading, I did pull it into Gimp to see what other adjustments I might want to make but in the end, decided that the image I had taken was the best so a layer was added for the signature but no other processing was performed beyond reducing the size and exporting in a different format than the .bmp that I currently take pics in.

The Fantasy Faire runs until May 5th so if you haven’t made it, get on over there!

Fantasy Faire 2019

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